2013 CES New Innovation Award Winner: The Displair

The Displair is our new innovation award winner for the 2013 CES. The Displair creates a touchscreen display out of thin air. You have to see it in action to understand how cool this is. We have been asking for this and it looks like something out of a science fiction movie. but this is no dream, it exists and we got an up close look at it at this years CES. The days of smudges on your screen will soon be over as the air doesn’t smudge. Air flows out of the device, interacting with water drops to form a screen where you can beam images from a computer or tablet. But this is not just a simple projection screen, it’s a fully interactive display, you can actually play games on this like in the video below from CES where Fruit Ninja is played just by waving your hand across the Displair’s virtual screen.

Minority report, here we come. Check out the video and images below to see it in action.

Video of the Displair in action at CES

Images from CES

displair1displair2 displair3 displair4