Amazon Auto-Rip… The future is here

AutoRipAmazon wants to make sure that CD buying customers are given access to their albums online and the company’s Auto Rip feature makes that happen.

Announced on Thursday the AutoRip feature allows customers to receive digital copies of new purchases for more than 50,000 albums. The program also offers AutoRip copies of CDs customers have purchased over the last 15 years, a timetable that coincides with the launch of Amazon’s Music Store and your Amazon storage limit is not affected by the company’s new program.

This is an interesting development copyright wise, as customers can now purchase a CD, give it to a friend or family member and then listen to their own MP3 copy of songs via the Amazon Cloud player.

This program depends a lot on the honesty of customers in general as a case can be made that CD’s can be bought on Amazon and returned to say Wal-Mart or gifted and you then have a free copy of the music.

It almost seems crazy when you put some thought into it. Is it great for the consumer, sure it is, but the music companies may have just made a deal that cost them a ton of money.

I am not really sure if the record companies had in mind exactly what Amazon is doing here as in some cases used cds bought on Amazon were auto-ripped for consumers. So if I buy a CD and Amazon auto-rips it to me, then I sell it back used on Amazon they then auto-rip it again for the secondary buyer theoretically there will be endless digital copies and the record companies will receive nothing from the secondary rips. This is not supposed to be happening, but there are literally dozens of reports online of this happening. Amazon marketplace sales are supposed to be not included, but if it does happen there are some issues that still need to be cleared up.

A big win for consumers.


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